• The Colossal 10K 5/8th wave ground plane was designed for high power operators who want maximum performance from their station. The Colossal 10K will handle a full 15kw pep when direct fed. Am Carrier power of up to 4KW can be used with this antenna when direct fed. This is a live tech support item, call for assembly or tuning instructions.
    This product has a 10 day lead time till shipping
    Gain---5.14 dbi
    This is a true 5/8 Wave
    BANDWIDTH --- 600KHZ.
    WEIGHT --- 18LBS
    OVERALL HEIGHT --- 22.5 Feet.
    Has 4 spoke capacitance hat on the top to reduce end effect.
    WIND RATING --- 100MPH
    MAST SIZE --- Up to 1 5/8 inch OD
    MATCHING --- Parallel tuned network.
    This antenna ships standard with a S0-239 connector installed.