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  • The ZEROFIVE SUPER DUTY foldover mount is made for 1 person raising and lowering of your vertical antenna.Made from LARGE THICK 3/8th extruded plate.The short mast is 1 1/2 inch outside diameter with a heavy 1/4 inch wall and will fit most vertical antennas up to 43 feet in height. Just remove the top bolt and walk it down,no binding and has a 180 degree foldover range. Clamps to a 2 inch OD pipe. Nothing extra to buy,comes complete with SS clamps.This is the same foldover used on our big 43 foot freestanding vertical.

  • This is a heavy duty foldover base to use as a support for masting. Will hold a mast 15 feet long freestanding with one of our antennas on it. Or use as a dipole center support, up to 30 feet freestanding with an aluminum mast. Perfect match for our groundplane verticals. Made from 6061-T6 extruded aluminum custom machined and tig welded. Bolts down to a concrete base with J bolts ( included ) Accepts mast up to 2 3/8 inch OD (call for other mast sizes) Freestanding with 15 foot mast and one of our antennas. Freestanding with 30 foot aluminum mast, used as a dipole support. Hole required 14 inch diameter 40 inch deep

  • BUILD YOUR OWN 4 SQUARE OR SINGLE LOW BAND VERTICAL WITH THESE SUPER STRONG INSULATED FOLDOVER BASES. This base is custom made for your vertical antenna project.The base plate is 10 inch by 10 inch and 1/2 thick aluminum extruded plate.The 2 vertical channels are 3 inch wide braced and tig welded to the base plate.The base tube is 3 inch 1/8 wall aluminum,which is bolted between the 2 channels and forms the foldover.The insulator is 3 inch diameter black Delrin for exceptional power handling and strength .Won't dry up,crack,splinter and fail like Fiberglass when exposed to the outside elements.The insulator is custom machined to fit your tubing size.This base bolts down to your concrete base with 4 threaded J bolts 5/8 diameter( not included ).These bases are perfect for your 80 meter irrigation tube 4 square project or freestanding verticals up to 50 feet.Stronger than other bases sold. WEIGHT--25LBS STRONGER THAN OTHERS POWER RATING --- 10KW FOLDOVER--BUILT IN UNGUYED SUPPORT HEIGHT-- 50 FEET GUYED SUPPORT HEIGHT-- UP TO 80 FEET INSULATOR-- MACHINED DELRIN TO YOUR TUBING SIZE CALL FOR 4 LOT PRICE.