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Q and A

Q - Do I need a ground rod at the base of my antenna.
A - Yes a 10 foot copper clad ground should be installed 1 foot away from the base of the antenna.

Q - How should I connect my radials to my vertical antenna, do I need to buy a radial plate.
A - You can make a radial ring from 3/8ths copper tubing bent in a 12 inch circle. Your radials then can be soldered to the ring.

Q - How deep should my mounting mast be in the ground, for my ground mounted vertical antenna with the fold over.
A - Your mast should be 3 1/2 feet in the ground and 1 1/2 feet above ground for all our ground mounted antennas.

Q - What is the maximum size pipe my ground mounted vertical with the fold over can use.
A - You should use a pipe with no larger than 2 inch outside diameter, and no smaller than 1 3/4 inch outside diameter.

Q - What is the best mounting height for my 10-40m ground plane, or my 10-80m GP43 ground plane antenna.
A - Either one of the ground plane antennas work best when mounted 7 to 10 feet off the ground.

Q - Can I paint my vertical antenna to blend in with the tree's.
A - You can paint your vertical antenna after it is assembled, do not paint the base section with the transformer or insulator.

Q - What kind of coax should I buy for my multiband vertical antenna.
A - RG-213 is a good choice for coax for your multiband antenna.

Q - Your instructions say to use a minimum of 100 feet of coax, what if I only need 50 feet of coax.
A - Using a shorter run of coax is ok only if you use a manual tuner with a wider matching range.

Q - Where is the best place to install my lightning arrester.
A - The lightning arrestor should be installed on a ground rod, right before the coax enters the house.

Q - Do I need to guy my new vertical antenna.
A - All our antennas are freestanding up to 92mph winds, you do not need to guy our vertical antennas.

Q - My unun transformer shows a short to ground, when I test it with my Ohm meter.
A - This is normal for the vertical element of your antenna being shunted to ground, it helps bleed static charges to ground.

Q - How do I connect my coax to one of your antennas
A - All of our antennas have a SO-239 connector at the base, except for the remoter tuner versions.