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Q – Do I need to mount my antenna to a metal pipe, or will a PVC pipe work to hold up my antenna.
A – A metal mounting pipe is required with all our antennas, they are stronger and will not break.

Q – I live in the west where we have small rocks as our lawn instead of grass, will my antenna perform correctly if my radials are buried under rocks or small stone.
A – The performance of your antenna will not be affected by burying the radials under small rocks.

Q – Do I need to use some sort of anti seize compound or conductive compound between the sections.
A – You should at least use some anti seize compound between sections so the do not lock together.

Q – Do I need a ground rod at the base of my antenna.
A – Yes a 10 foot copper clad ground should be installed 1 foot away from the base of the antenna.

Q – How many radials and how long should I install on my vertical antenna
A – I would start with 32 radials and add more if needed, make the length of the radials the same height of your antenna. If you cannot make them that long, make them long enough to fit your yard space.

Q – How should I connect my radials to my vertical antenna, do I need to buy a radial plate.
A – You can make a radial ring from 3/8ths copper tubing bent in a 12 inch circle. Your radials then can be soldered to the ring.

Q – Do the radials for my antenna have to be cut to certain resonant lengths with your multiband vertical antennas.
A – The radials do not have to be cut to resonant lengths with our vertical antennas

Q – How deep should my mounting mast be in the ground, for my ground mounted vertical antenna with the fold over.
A – Your mast should be 3 1/2 feet in the ground and 1 1/2 feet above ground for all our ground mounted antennas.

Q – What is the maximum size pipe my ground mounted vertical with the fold over can use.
A – You should use a pipe with no larger than 2 inch outside diameter, and no smaller than 1 3/4 inch outside diameter.

Q – What kind of pipe should I use for my antenna, is fence post strong enough to hold my antenna up.
A – Fence post is not strong enough for a antenna support pipe, use galvanized water pipe or black gas line pipe.

Q – What is the best mounting height for my 10-40m ground plane, or my 10-80m GP43 ground plane antenna.
A – Either one of the ground plane antennas work best when mounted 7 to 10 feet off the ground.

Q – Can I paint my vertical antenna to blend in with the tree’s.
A – You can paint your vertical antenna after it is assembled, do not paint the base section with the transformer or insulator.

Q – What kind of coax should I buy for my multiband vertical antenna.
A – RG-213 is a good choice for coax for your multiband antenna.

Q – Your instructions say to use a minimum of 100 feet of coax, what if I only need 50 feet of coax.
A – Using a shorter run of coax is ok only if you use a manual tuner with a wider matching range.

Q – Where is the best place to install my lightning arrester.
A – The lightning arrestor should be installed on a ground rod, right before the coax enters the house.

Q – Do I need to guy my new vertical antenna.
A – All our antennas are freestanding up to 92mph winds, you do not need to guy our vertical antennas.

Q – My unun transformer shows a short to ground, when I test it with my Ohm meter.
A – This is normal for the vertical element of your antenna being shunted to ground, it helps bleed static charges to ground.

Q – How do I connect my coax to one of your antennas
A – All of our antennas have a SO-239 connector at the base, except for the remoter tuner versions.

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